Canvas Games

Canvas Games

Tailoring content
and identifying the
right game fit

what we do

Canvas Games is a mobile
game publishing company
based in Los Angeles.

The company is founded by an experienced hardcore music game development team recognized as the #1 arcade game developer. By partnering with PM studios, Canvas Games has the ability to create graphically rich mobile games while bringing our own expertise of branding into the gaming community.

  Canvas Games

We not only believe in creating powerful content, but we know the importance of a strong visual identity.

That is why we specialize in developing branded games, enabling artist and entertainers to express their creative vision and stay true to their identities. By providing this platform of entertainment, fans can interact with their favorite celebrities, athletes, and entertainers in gaming environment. Stepping away from games solely geared for play, we design, deliver and publish games focused on capturing celebrities for more than just their talent, but also for their values, attributes, and ideas they represent.

Tailoring content and identifying the right game fit for each celebrity's personal brand demonstrates that Canvas Games understands how to communicate in the digital space and has a solid strategy in place to support our beliefs. With this outlook, our development partner, PM Studios has created the Chef Curry Cooking Game, where Steph invites you to chef it up in the kitchen. We enable Steph to connect with his audience by showing you his prowess off the basketball court and in the kitchen.

Canvas Games

who we are

a partnership across
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RAVN is a modern development agency that believes in reaching all verticals in the digital space. Raymond Lee is a founding member who manages the day to day business and drives partnerships and sales, while his partner, Vincent Tuscano leads all programming and technological architecture. Together they have created a platform that focuses not only on developing products, but offering their knowledge and connections as a service to help individuals build their own business. RAVN covers all aspects of product development from ideation and strategy to analysis, design, and deployment. Using product development expertise, RAVN also offers various services to motivated entrepreneurs who are looking for guidance to develop products of their own. RAVN believes in building client relationships that are focused on trust, communication, and keeping client goals aligned with the content created.

PM Studios

PM Studios is an en experienced hardcore music development team founded by Michael Yum and Peter Jung. These two developers alongside a team of talented directors, managers, and business partners are creating and developing #1 music and arcade games. Known for their graphically rich mobile and console games, their philosophy is to make games fun for everyone. Their projects include Chef Curry, Conga Master, Superbeat, Deemo, Barbie Fashionistas, Wonderball, DJ MAx Fever, and Strikers 1945 Plus.

Canvas Games